Parliamentary Questions by Mary Butler TD

Speaking during the Fianna Fail motion on Special Needs Education Places where I focused on assessment of need for children and the fact that each school can only refer 2 children per year as per funding allocated form Dept of Education.Every child need the opportunity "to be the best they can possibly be".
Fianna Fail put forward a motion in relation to Educational Supports for Children with Special Educational Needs, I used my time to highlight the fact that 3,500 children are waiting for an assessment, the other issue I highlighted is the travel time some children have to travel to access an ASD unit in a primary school.
Attending the Oireachtas Justice Committee where I got a brief opportunity to question Commissioner Harris in relation to the changes to the Garda Divisons, the fact that Waterford Garda station is the 5th busiest in the country and the absolute necessity for Waterford to retain its divisional status.
I questioned the Taoiseach and the Minister for Older People in relation to the crisis level of overcrowding in our hospitals, the delayed tranfers of care and the amount of bed days loss as a result. "If we free up transfer of care it will free up capacity at A&E".